Prestige Raintree Park Floor Plan

3 BHK Floor Plan of Prestige Raintree Park 3 BHK Floor Plan
4 BHK Floor Plan of Prestige Raintree Park 4 BHK Floor Plan
5 BHK Floor Plan of Prestige Raintree Park 5 BHK Floor Plan

A floor plan is a technical design, usually in two dimensions, that provides an overview of a room or structure. When viewed from above, floor plan symbols represent the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other structural elements at a single level of a building.

Prestige Raintree Park floor plan offers a thorough illustration of each apartment. The project's layout guarantees that each room is utilized to its maximum capacity, providing buyers with the home of their dreams. This house is situated to offer a luxurious lifestyle to its occupants. The 3, 3.5, 4, and 5 BHK homes in this opulent development are designed to meet all modern living requirements. The project expertly blends modern architecture with cutting-edge services and amenities.

The project will provide apartments in various sizes and dimensions, which are mentioned below.

Unit Type Size Price
3 BHK 2000 - 2200 Sq Ft Rs. 2.9 Cr* Onwards
3.5 BHK 2400 Sq Ft Rs. 3.5 Cr* Onwards
4 BHK 3200 - 3800 Sq Ft Rs. 4.5 Cr* Onwards
5 BHK Onrequest Onrequest

Standing tall on a vast area of more than 125 acres, the project has more than 1600 luxurious apartments. The apartments provide a variety of unit styles intended to meet the diverse requirements of city people. Prestige Group knows that people desire to live in the best houses possible in lovely neighbourhoods. The residences of Prestige Raintree Park were thoughtfully designed. The newest technologies and premium materials are being used to construct the dwellings.

Prestige Raintree Park Apartment Floor Plan

Prestige Raintree Park Apartment

Prestige Raintree Park floor plan illustrates how the rooms in the homes are laid out. One can view these plans to get a sense of the design of the apartments. They also show the size and direction of each room in the houses. You can use these blueprints to determine which project house best fits you and your family.

The carefully planned modern architecture will avoid giving the impression that it is crowded. Each tenant will have more than enough room. Every residence will have views of the beautiful, green surroundings. The endeavour will be a serene haven.

3 BHK floor plan of Prestige Raintree Park apartment

The opulent 3 BHK apartments are artistically designed to give their occupants a refined living space. These flats' floor plans show a layout that makes the most available natural light and space.

  • 3B 3T + Two Balconies and Open Utility – 2000 sq. ft to 2200 sq. ft

These flats are primarily meant to accommodate larger families with more members. Joint families can rent these apartments, which have larger rooms and regions. The residents can live in a clutter- free home. The floor plans of the three-bedroom apartments include:

  • one foyer
  • three bedrooms
  • two/three bathrooms
  • one kitchen with an attached utility
  • balcony

3.5 BHK floor plan of Prestige Raintree Park apartments

The property offers well-designed 3.5 BHK apartments with additional maid's rooms that are roomy, light, and airy, making them the ideal living option for families in the city.

  • 3B 3T+ Maid's Room & Toilet+ Two Balconies and Open Utility – 2400 sq. ft

The well-planned architecture of the 3.5 BHK flats in Prestige Raintree Park allows for an abundance of natural light and sufficient ventilation, creating comfortable and enjoyable living areas. The Prestige Raintree Par apartments' 3.5 BHK floor plan consists of the following:

  • one foyer
  • three bedrooms
  • two/three bathrooms
  • one kitchen with an attached utility
  • balcony
  • maid's room

4 BHK floor plan of Prestige Raintree Park apartments

The elegant and roomy 4 BHK apartments are made to offer the utmost in luxury and comfort. For 4 BHK units, the property offers two different floor plan options.

  • 4B 3T+ Maid’s Room & Toilet+ Three Balconies and Open Utility – 3200sq. ft
  • 4B 4T +Powder room Maid’s Room & Toilet+ Three Balconies and Open Utility – 3800 sq. ft

These luxurious housing can house larger families and are carefully built to offer a living experience straight out of a dream. Everyone will have more than enough room, which will increase their sense of comfort and relaxation. The layout of the four bedrooms includes

  • one foyer
  • four bedrooms
  • three/four bathrooms
  • one kitchen with an attached utility
  • balconies

5 BHK Floor plan of Prestige Raintree Park apartments

Additionally, Prestige Raintree Park offers opulent 5-BHK apartments with roomy living quarters for larger families. These flats' floor plans show a roomy arrangement that prioritizes practicality and comfort.

  • 5B 5T +Powder room Maid’s Room & Toilet+ Four Balconies and Open Utility

Thanks to their roomy layout, the Prestige Raintree Park 5 BHK apartments will provide plenty of space for larger families' everyday activities. These apartments offer all the amenities of a contemporary, well-designed living space.

  • one foyer
  • five bedrooms
  • four/five bathrooms
  • one kitchen with an attached utility
  • balconies

Every house in the project will be roomy and have enough ventilation and natural light. Large open areas, beautifully designed gardens, and abundant lush foliage may soothe your senses. Bangalore's real estate scene is always changing, and Prestige Raintree Park embodies the city's distinct concept of fusing modern living with traditional values.

The huge project is planned by the brightest minds in business. The enclave's layout and design meet all residents' needs. These houses combine form, function, and style seamlessly. The flats include large, comfortable living spaces that adhere to Vaastu principles.

The Prestige Raintree Park enclave is home to some of the best homes in the city. The project features the best living spaces for modern people because of the builder's thorough attention to detail. These new homes will be the ideal places to create wonderful memories for many years.

With its 3, 3.5, 4, and 5 BHK units, the project—created by the prestigious Prestige Group, which is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail—offers a wide range of facilities and comforts. These thoughtfully designed flats offer a cosy and practical living space. Prestige Raintree Park provides its residents with an affluent lifestyle, making it a compelling choice for those wishing to relocate to Bangalore.

The apartments are furnished with contemporary features and conveniences to accommodate the demands of the modern lifestyle. Because of their uniqueness and adaptability, the idea is attractive to those looking for a luxurious yet cozy living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a floor layout serve?

The floor plan primarily illustrates the arrangement of rooms, doors, and windows within a building, highlighting their spatial relationships. Floor plans simplify evaluating whether a space is suitable for its intended purpose, overcoming potential hurdles, and remodelling before moving on to more involved planning or construction stages.

2. What size range do the three-bedroom apartments in Prestige Raintree Park have?

The Prestige Raintree Park 3 BHK apartments have floor areas ranging from 2000 sq. ft to 2200 sq. ft.

3. Which types of residences are offered at the Prestige Raintree Park development?

The enclave features apartments with 3, 3.5, 4, and 5 BHK in various sizes and layouts. Buyers can select the perfect apartment based on their requirements, tastes, and financial situation.

4. Can the flooring in the homes be changed?

You can replace the units' floors once registration is complete.

5. Will there be adequate lighting and ventilation in the apartments?

Each residence in the complex will have numerous windows and balconies to bring in natural light and fresh air.

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