Prestige Raintree Park Payment Plan

Prestige Raintree Park Payment Plan

The payment plan for Prestige Raintree Park is as follows:

  1. 10% of the total amount is payable upon booking any apartment or villa in the project.
  2. Another 10% of the total amount can be paid as construction commences.
  3. 10% of the total amount should be paid during the excavation process.
  4. 10% of the total amount must be paid during the plinth process.
  5. 10% of the total amount is due while the basement is being constructed.
  6. 10% of the total amount must be paid for the construction of the ground floor.
  7. Another 10% of the total amount can be paid during the construction of the 1st floor.
  8. 10% of the total amount can be paid during the flooring process.
  9. 10% of the total amount can be paid during the plumbing work.
  10. The remaining 10% of the total amount is payable upon possession of the units.

A payment plan summarises the payment schedules that must be paid as the expected project's work progresses. It consists of a down payment, additional progress payments, or monthly instalments until the project is completed. Prestige Raintree Park Payment Plan gives the details of the payment schedule for buyers during the course of the project. Buyers will find the instalment payment plan straightforward.

Customers at Prestige Raintree Park can make simple payments with a risk-free payment plan. When reserving a desired unit, purchasers must pay 10% of the total sum. The remaining price will then be split up into smaller schedules.

It is preferable to gain financial security and pursue a fulfilling future. Prestige Raintree Park offers each consumer a better lifestyle along with the best payment plan. It enables everyone to purchase and enjoy the best elements of their ideal home. To better understand the payment plan, all costs are listed together with guidelines for the total amount due.

Highlights of the Offer of Prestige Raintree Park:

  • One of Prestige Raintree Park's unique Offers is its flexible financing options. The developer works with lenders to offer favourable terms for home loans, lower interest rates, or even special programs to reduce investors' and homebuyers' financial strain.
  • During particular project phases, Prestige Raintree Park also offers special incentives, such as lower down payments, waived registration costs, or free interior design packages. These carefully scheduled offers correspond with significant milestones and encourage potential homeowners to feel a sense of low cost and enthusiasm in owning an apartment.
  • Apart from the Offers mentioned above, Prestige Raintree Park provides non- material offers such as a transparent and clear purchasing procedure.
  • Developers may offer special pricing Offers for early-bird investors or exclusive access to premium amenities to give people who choose to invest during particular times a sense of exclusivity.

Prestige Raintree Park Offers great deals to revolutionize the home-buying experience. In addition to improving the financial aspects of buying a property, these calculated incentives raise investors' happiness. Prestige Raintree Park is a prime locality in Varthur Road, East Bangalore's dynamic real estate market.

Since the project is still in its prelaunch stage, pricing is lower than the original market price. Certain offers entice buyers and investors, resulting in profitable outcomes. Investors searching for the finest investment opportunity will profit from the price attractiveness.

Short instalment payments are a simple way to pay for Prestige Raintree Park. The buyer must pay 10% of the total at the time of booking. 90% of the remaining amount can be paid within a specified period, typically between 45 to 60 days' gap.

The Payment Schedule of Prestige Raintree Park consists of the following:

  • 10% of the total cost to be paid when reserving any apartment in the project.
  • 10% of the entire sum may be paid as soon as the building process begins.
  • 10% of the whole cost is paid during the excavation process
  • 10% of the total amount is paid during the plinth process.
  • 10% of the overall amount should be paid when building the basement
  • 10% of the total amount must be paid while developing the ground floor
  • 10% of the entire amount can be paid while constructing the project's first floor.
  • 10% of the entire payment can be paid while the project is in the flooring process
  • 10% of the total amount can be paid while the plumbing work of the project
  • 10% of the total amount can be paid while the units are being possessed.

Before purchasers make their selections, various payment options are explored with banks and the buyers themselves. The proposals will be approved by banks based on the buyer's eligibility. Prestige Raintree Park payment plan will enable you to quickly reserve your ideal home and provide you with more memorable moments to treasure. The project's payment schedule is by its construction, as it is now under prelaunch and is scheduled to be completed by December 2028.

The builder offers the best payment options to meet the demands of every consumer. The project offers the most convenient payment schedule to accommodate all purchasers, and the payment plan gives buyers an understanding of all the payment specifics. Regarding the Prestige Raintree Park Payment Schedule, the developer has adaptable options to suit all the buyers' needs.

The basic format of the Prestige Group’s payment plan is given below.

Booking Amount 5%
At the time of the Agreement 30%
At the time of 1st floor slab 20%
At the time of the 3rd-floor slab 20%
At the time of 4th floor slab 10%
At the time of Internal plastering 10%
Completion and Handover 5%
Car Park, EB, Water, Registration and Service Taxes Extra

The payment schedule is initiated when the apartment is selected and booked. The booking amount confirms the specific unit to the buyer, and all the required legal and official copies of the property are provided to the investor. Wherein one can validate the documents with the help of a lawyer. This validation is one of the mandatory steps every buyer should go through.

You will get enough time to process the documents until the agreement stage legally. In this stage, an agreement will be signed between the builder and buyer having all the property-related particulars and clauses like

  • Flat Number
  • Built up Area
  • UDS (Undivided Share in the property)
  • Total Amount to be paid
  • Interior Specification
  • Car park details
  • List of amenities
  • Possession Date

Property agreements are crucial as we can refer to them in conflicts. The third payment schedule begins based on the progress of construction. Typically, we can expect a 10-20% payment due in some of the construction stages, like 1st floor slit, 4th floor and 6th floor.

Once all the floors have been raised, the next stage is the Plastering payment stage, where 10% of the property value is due to be paid. At the end of the project or by the time of possession, the builder will collect the remaining 5%.

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