Prestige Raintree Park 2 BHK Floor Plan

A 2 BHK apartment's floor plan is the layout that depicts the connections between its rooms, spaces, and other architectural elements. The 2 BH floor plan of the Prestige Raintree Park apartment maximizes the amount of space available by fitting two bedrooms, a living area, two bathrooms, and a kitchen with an adjacent utility area. Because of its improved privacy and effective use of space, the 2 BHK floor plan may be a good fit for smaller, nuclear households.

  • 2 BHK size range - 1040 sq. ft to 1175 sq. ft
Prestige Raintree Park
Type Apartments
Project Stage Prelaunch
Location Whitefield, Bangalore
Builder Prestige Group
Floor Plans 3,3.5,4 & 5 BHK
Price Rs. 2.9 Cr* Onwards
Total Land Area 125 Acres
Total Units 1600 Units
Size Range 2000 - 3800 Sq.Ft
Approvals NA
RERA No Onrequest
Launch Date 2024
Pre-launch Date Onrequest
Completion Date 5 years from launch
Possession Date 2028 Mid

In Varthur, East Bangalore, there is a brand-new luxury apartment construction project called Prestige Raintree Park. Over tall buildings, it features exquisitely designed 2, 3, and 4 BHK apartments. Two BHK apartments of varying sizes are included in the project to accommodate a range of demands and budgets. The 2 BHK floor plan elaborates on the layout of the apartments, which can assist purchasers in picturing their future residence and how their units will appear when finished.

2 BHK floor plan of the project will comprise of

  • 1 foyer
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 1 kitchen with an attached utility and
  • a balcony

The floor plans give consumers an idea of how the architect intended them to be seen. They serve as evidence that, upon building completion, the two-bedroom apartment was constructed in accordance with the pre-established standards. They facilitate the buyer's vision of their completed home and might assist the buyer in understanding the space's proportions and dimensions.

Advantages of investing in 2 BHK apartments of Prestige Raintree Park

Advantages of investing in 2 BHK apartments

  • Space: Compared to 1 BHK apartments, 2 BHK apartments offer more space. This extra room will be ideal for expanding families with young children.
  • Rent income: Since many people prefer two-bedroom apartments, there is a large demand for them. Many individuals prefer to rent 2BHK when large developments are close to IT hubs because it would be close to their home and have enough space for the family.
  • Price: These flats are reasonably priced compared to other large apartments. Applying for a load is simple, and payments are made promptly.
  • Resale Value: Due to their great demand in major cities, these apartments will fetch a high price when they are sold.
  • Utility bills: These apartments will have fair maintenance fees and other costs.

They are more popular among nuclear families that have moved away from their hometowns and prefer to invest in two-bedroom apartments rather than costly homes. For purchasers on a fair budget, it is far more economical.

Every two-bedroom apartment in the project will feature adequate storage space, abundant light, and outlets. Since Vaastu is the foundation of every unit here, each one will have adequate light and ventilation. Due to the modest initial expenditure, purchasers can select these flats without experiencing as much financial burden. Additionally, with an extra room, the condos will offer improved privacy. A 2 BHK flat in Prestige Raintree Park is similar to a one-time investment because it gives purchasers enough room to think ahead.

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